Automating a task v.s a process

Ann-Marie Rossiter
Last Updated: 2 years ago

Automation technology can be used to automate both individual tasks completed on a computing and overall business processes. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is the technology we use to automation specific tasks that make up an overall process, such as: 

  • Mouse selection
  • Screen navigation
  • Data field extraction
  • Document data extraction
  • Application log in/ out
  • Copy and pasting data 

When we combine RPA with other technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning, the outcome is Intelligent Automation. With this technology, we are able to automate an entire process end-to-end which is more complicated and could involve multiple systems and data points such as:

  • Invoice processing 
  • Account receivable processing
  • Bank Reconciliations 
  • Payroll Processing 
  • Employee Onboarding 
  • Sales Order Entry 

The overall processes will require some form of RPA to automate the tasks/ steps within the processes but it’s the additional technology that enables the Bot to intelligently extract data, understand its meaning and context, make a decision based on that context and then trigger the next action required, in order to automate an entire process.

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