NexBotix Pre-defined Use Cases

Ann-Marie Rossiter
Last Updated: 2 years ago

Our pre-defined use cases were designed to make it as easy as possible to get started with automation. We have standardised the key components of some of our most popular automation use cases in a way that enables us to build and deploy the solution into a customer’s environment and systems within an 8-week period. 

Currently, the pre-defined use cases we have available are: 

  • Invoice processing 
  • Account receivable processing
  • Bank Reconciliations 
  • Payroll Processing 
  • Employee Onboarding

Please note that, we are also able to work on custom automation solutions for our customers. After the Discovery Workshop and gaining a deeper understanding of how your manual process is currently delivered, we will design a custom solution which suits your needs, as well as delivering a business case for you to review the project savings and ROI.

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