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Ann-Marie Rossiter
Last Updated: 1 year ago

We have 2 core pricing models at NexBotix, an overall price for a specific pre-defined use case or an itemised pricing model for custom-built solutions. 

Pre-defined Use Case Pricing:

Within this model, we will combine the following costs to give you a price per document for a pre-defined use case. For example, if you are deploying our Invoice Processing Solution, the price would be presented to you as a cost per page, or a price per bot hour of usage. 

The combined costs to calculate this cost per document include:

  • Bot technology 
  • NexBotix platform 
  • Additional technology licensing (such as OCR technology) 
  • Automation Experts Support 

Custom Solution Design Pricing: 

If you are deploying a solution that is tailored to your organisation and not one of our pre-defined use cases, the costs will also be calculated using the following:

  • Bot technology 
  • NexBotix platform 
  • Additional technology licensing (such as OCR or Azure) 
  • Automation Experts Support

Professional Services Pricing:

Our professional services cover the discovery, design, build, test and deployment of your automation solution, as well as some early life support. These services are priced on the complexity of your automation solution and based on the hours of support you will require. Please note this price is separate from the cost of the solution, as outlined above. 

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