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Ann-Marie Rossiter
Last Updated: 1 year ago

Create: Tools to get you started

Our automation technology and NexBotix platform was built to make getting started on your automation journey as simple as possible. These tools include:

  • Pre-built automation use cases ready to launch in as little as 8 weeks
  • NexBots- our software bots, consumption-based, pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Access to demo videos of other process automations for you to pick those best suited to your business
  • Data input from your Discovery Workshop to power your data and analytics so you can measure your success

Manage: Tools to achieve your goals 

The NexBotix platform is full of tools designed to give you ultimate visibility and control over your NexBots, your data and documents and the performance of your automations

  • Automation Hubs - single aggregated platform for all your automation solutions
  • Approvals and exceptions- Manually rectify processing exceptions and approve the NexBot's work
  • Project Board View- clear visibility over the build, test and deployment of automation projects
  • Analytics and Insights- access to key performance metrics and ROI stats in real time

Support: On hand whenever you need us

With our expert team of developers, customer success managers and our online content. You can feel confident that you have everything you need to effectively oversee your automation programmes.

  • Discovery workshop service to ensure we have a deep understanding of your current process
  • Process design, build, test and deployment
  • Dedicated Developers, Project Managers and Customer Success Managers for your business
  • Scaling support and guidance

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