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Ann-Marie Rossiter
Last Updated: 2 years ago

Our Professional Services include all elements of the discovery, design, build, test and initial deployment stages of your automation programme. 

Discovery: This includes a Discovery Workshop with our team to understand how your process is currently delivered, which systems you use and the full-time employee resource aligned to this process now. From there, we’ll use the data we capture to build a tailored business case which covers the ROI and savings you could made by implementing automation 

Design and Build: Once we have all of the information we need, we’ll design a solution for you which meets the needs of your organisation either using our pre-defined processes or a custom-built process. Once you have approved our recommended solution design, we’ll start to build it in your desired environment, which can be either in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid of the two 

Test and Deployment:

Once the initial solution is built, our team will test it using either real documents from you or dummy documents to ensure everything is working as it should be. Once approved by you, we’ll move to deploy the solution into your production environment. 

Our Professional Services can also include some early life support depending on the complexity of your automation solution. Any additional costs for this will be discussed and agreed with you at the beginning of the engagement. 

How are we different? 

Our mission is to make automation technology accessible, affordable and easy to implement for businesses of any size. We do this by combining software and service, to help you achieve your goals with automation. We combine: 

  • Automation technology or software bots 
  • NexBotix platform where you can manage every aspect of your automation solution 
  • Our Automation Experts instead of building your own in-hour team 

As well as this unique approach, we also have a range of benefits that other vendors can’t offer:

  • Rapid implementation: have your automation solution live in as little as 8 weeks 
  • Flexible pricing: no high upfront licensing costs or paying for what you don’t use 
  • ROI-centric approach: Understand the projected ROI and cost savings before you enter into an agreement 
  • No technical skills required: Gain access to our team of automation experts, including Automation Consultants and Developers
  • 3-month rolling contract: Providing you with flexibility and control over your costs
  • Managed Service Offering: on-going support with maintenance and scaling

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