Working with other leading automation vendors

Ann-Marie Rossiter
Last Updated: 2 years ago

We have built our own software bots, called NexBots, but we are also able to support all other RPA vendor technology on the NexBotix platform too. This means that you can use our management tools to oversee your automation solutions with the likes of UiPath, Automation Anywhere and NICE Systems. 

We offer a variety of services alongside third-party vendor automation technology such as: 

  • Support with vendor selection 
  • Assisting with commercial negotiations  
  • Discovery, design, build, test and deployment of your third-party vendor automation solution
  • Analytics and insights via NexBotix platform 
  • Ongoing Managed Service support to help you maintain and scale your automation programme 

Our team of developers have a range of third-party vendor accreditations so they are fully qualified to deliver this type of automation solution. 

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